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Three Best Choices, Where to Stay In Costa Rica While On Vacation     

Costa Rica ranks high among the best destination thanks to the beautiful sites, variable climate, and incredible biodiversity. Hemmed in the midst of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination. The nation is not only an oasis of political stability but also one that gives a broad range of habitats to different animal species.  A visit to the country gives an opportunity to taste the rare blend of natural wonders and local culture. With so many places to visit, picking the right destination is never an issue, in fact, what worries travelers, is Where to Stay in Costa Rica while on vacation. The serenity and the proximity of the accommodation determine the entire experience. If you choose to travel Pacific coast, make sure you will be visiting Playas Del Coco, Ocotal, or Hermosa  in Papagayo. Here you can consider the following for housing accommodations:

Residential Costa Rica vacation rental property

It is most likely that you will visit Costa Rica again and again, after your first visit. So choose where to stay in Costa Rica and have fun traveling around the country, or just relaxing on the beach. Papagayo offers some of the best beaches, Rainforest Mountains, and conservancies where hiking enthusiasts can quench their thirst for adventure. The lifestyle and the hospitality found in the Tico (native Costa Rican population) culture are hard to find elsewhere, while the cuisines give a blend between the local and modern diets.

And if you are one of those people, who is looking for better place to retire or just to move from your current place, consider buying a home or condo on  the pacific side of the country. Worry not about where to stay in Costa Rica when you have a home. Whether you are looking for a two bedroom, three bedroom, or 1 bedroom house or bungalows, Real estate in Costa Rice gives you what you need. At $169,000, you can get homes such as Casa Bella, Casa Del Rio, and Casa Botanica Ocotal among others.

Another option where to stay in Costa Rica during your vacation, are All-inclusive resorts.

If you are traveling for the first time, you may find it hard to cruise around the beaches, rain-forests, mangrove swamps and conservancies for this reason,  during your first visit it may be a good idea to stay in the resort, but make sure to travel around, not just stay inside the resort.

While you might be wondering where to stay in Costa Rica, an all-inclusive resort helps you find your way around Ocotal, Playas Coco, and Papagayo among other places.

Finding yourself in the wrong place wastes your time, ruining your holiday excursion. For a fixed price, you need not worry about driving around cities and accessing different sites. Often, they are situated near the major attraction sites and hence easy to access without long travels. Some of the high-ranking resorts include The Volcano Lodge and springs, Four Seasons Resort, Costa Rica, Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica Resort, and Andaz Papagayo Resort.

Some visitors choose to stay in small hotels, while in Costa Rica.

Perhaps you are looking for a family getaway that gives you an authentic feel of Costa Rica. Wondering where to stay in Costa Rica? Smaller hotels offer a laid back, homelike yet comfortable experience on your vacation. Unlike the big restaurants, these getaways come with an incomparable hospitality that suits your family. You never feel lonely even when you spend most of your time in your room. They offer the best feel of the local culture thanks to their remote locations. They include Nayara Springs, Kura Design Villas Uvita, Vista Celestial, Villa Buena Onda and Rio Perdido among others.

Eco-Hotels – the great choice for nature lovers.

As you immerse into the mind-blowing natural sceneries, you can no wish away the need for the eco-conscious lifestyle of Costa Rica. An in matters accommodation, you just need to know where to stay in Costa Rica before traveling. The country offers a myriad of eco-hotels often found in the rural areas where the local culture stands un-diluted. Whether you need one next to the beach or the rainforests, you will always find an excellent accommodation. They include Rara Avis Rainforest and Lodge, Rancho Margot, Danta Corcovado Lodge, Dantica Cloud Forest Lodge, Hotel Belma, La Leona Eco lodge.

So there is a great diversity of options in where to stay in Costa Rica. But definitely, if you are planning to travel here numerous times, look in to purchasing your own property in this beautiful country. Brows through our site to see any properties you may like and