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Meditation Retreat in Costa Rica for Emotional Healing Silence Meditation and Forgiveness

All of us have pain of past experiences that we would like to heal. But even though we often really try to forget and forgive, the pain is still there. Over the years, some of us, learn to live with it. But by doing that, the situation does not get resolve, and those buried emotions create new health problems for the future. We need to heal those emotions, to heal our past traumas in order to have more joyful and fulfilling life and healthy mind and body.
In order to heal the pain of past traumas we need to silent and calm your mind and heal your feelings about all the memories of the past, involved in that experience. You need to forgive yourself and others involved in every situation that hurt us in the past. It could be divorce, betrayal, death of the loved ones or other life traumas.  Either we admit it or not, know it or not, there is always a blame and guilt involve. Most of it is on the subconscious level, that is why is not easy to heal the feelings we have about these events of our life.

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We organized the retreat to teach you some techniques (from many available) to help one to release those emotions.
The retreat is organized for a very small group of participants, so everyone can have needed healing.  You can treat the retreat as a Mind and Body Detoxification and rejuvenation retreat,  where you will learn and practice silent meditation  and forgiveness practices. You will be in the silent environment for 7 days, which will allow you to clear some of your baggage of heavy energy and will clear up your energy field.
The high energy of Playas del Coco in Costa Rica will help us in our work.
And another benefit of the retreat.
Don’t be surprise when after your return, you will be complemented on looking very fresh, vibrant and younger. That is the effect of clearing your buried emotions and releasing heavy energies from your field, as well as breathing ocean air and relaxing on the volcanic sand of Payas del Coco in Costa Rica and eating healthy food filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. How Does It Get Any Better Than This!?

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Only 5 participants maximum for the retreat on private villa in Playas del Coco. We usually have 1- 7 days  retreat per month, as well as some 2-3 days educational retreats.

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