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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Living in Costa Rica

Why living in Costa Rica? Why not Panama, Mexico, or Ecuador?  Today many Americans are choosing to live in Costa Rica. This small nation of nearly, 5 million people, located between Panama and Nicaragua is nothing short of paradise. With two coastlines; the Pacific to the west and the Atlantic to the east, there are ample beaches that one can visit.

Current estimates indicate that more than 25,000 US citizens and countless Canadians are now living in Costa Rica. And each year, the number of people seeking Costa Rica as their residence is increasing. And there are many reasons for this.

Unlike many other countries in Central and South America, Costa Rica has a stable government, is beautiful, affordable and has a high standard of living. With a burgeoning economy, good infrastructure and a high standard of living, many people are finding living in Costa Rica is a good option for retirement. For expats there are many other reasons for living in Costa Rica which include the following:

Scenery: Costa Rica is a tropical country with exceptional beauty. The country is flush with mountains, rivers, hills, volcanoes and tropical forest. And when you get tired of the greenery, there is the Pacific and Atlantic coasts where you can have all types of water based activities. The scenery is beautiful no matter where you live and there has been a great push towards ecological awareness.

Healthcare: over the years Costa Rica has developed state of art medical facilities that deliver excellent healthcare. Many of the healthcare workers are trained in the USA, speak English and the cost of healthcare is a lot cheaper than the US. Even in the countryside there are clinics and outpatient facilities that offer excellent care.

Cost of living: Living in Costa Rica offers all the conveniences of life at a lower cost, compared to the US. While residing in Costa Rica is slightly more expensive than its neighbors, the cost of living is far lower than the USA. One can live in some of the best locations in the country and still have access to a great social life, cheap food and some of the best fruits and vegetables in Americas. For as little as $2,000 a month, you can live a good life in Costa Rica.

Housing in Costa Rica is much cheaper than the US; Renting a 2-3 bedroom is half the price of what it costs in the USA. Further, for those who live in the cooler northern part of the country, there is no need to use the AC-which also saves money. Basic amenities like high speed Internet, cable TV, clean water, and electricity are now available all over the country. Plus, there is excellent phone coverage available. Because labor is so cheap, you can ever get someone to cook and look after your home at minimal cost.

Weather; Costa Rica has all year round warm weather. But depending on where you live you can also encounter the cool mountain breezes.

The people: all over the country one thing universal about Costa Rica is friendly people. No matter where you go, you will feel safe and people are always willing to help.

So where should you retire in Costa Rica?

Many retirees are opting to go and live in the northern part of the country, especially Guanacaste province, also known as the gold coast. Located on the pacific coast, there are many expat communities here. The weather in this part of the country is slightly cooler than in the south but the scenery is beautiful. The area is surrounded by small beach towns with variety of restaurants and active nightlife; making it a favorite destination for tourists. Some of the best places to retire in the North include Playas del Coco, Hermosa, Octoal and Papagayo. The real estate here is not cheaper than in the capital, San José, but the homes are also bigger and much nicer, you are on the beach or close to the beach location, infrastructure is very developed, the area offers a lot of entertainment and many other benefits.

All foreigners who consider living in Costa Rica need to apply for a residency permit. There are several types of residency permits available. The process of applying for Costa Rica residency is simple. However it is best to get some advice from an attorney in Costa Rica to help you process your application. You can contact now for recommendation of reputable and inexpensive attorney.