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7 Reasons to Invest In Costa Rica Real Estate Now

Many Americans are leaving the United States for various reasons. These include retirement or just to get away from crime ridden cities that threaten their wellbeing or just to find the refuge from the busy lifestyle in the cities. Costa Rica Real Estate is the definitive answer for all Americans. At present, a considerable amount of Americans are opting to relocate to Costa Rica. In fact, it is the top choice for Americans wanting to expatriate outside of only Asia. This is one reason to invest in Costa Rica Real Estate. Let’s look at some other reasons that make the country an attractive place to live and enjoy life.

  • Friendly people. The population of Costa Rica is overall friendly and are happy to greet Americans who have expatriated to their country. The country has a strong sense of community and violent crime is low. Costa Rica Real Estate is a great investment for this very reason. Many expats express how safe they feel living in the country in homes they have purchased.
  • Stable government. Costa Rica is the most stable country in Central America according to the U.S. State Department. In fact, since 1950 there have been no uprisings, attempted coups or anything similar that would disrupt the country’s established form of government. This makes Costa Rica Real Estate an attractive investment for those desiring to make a home where there is stability and government services that are able to assist Americans.
  • American retirees. Approximately 55,000 Americans live in Costa Rica today. More continue to relocate to the country on a daily basis. American expats live all over Costa Rica so a neighbor is always nearby. Retirees and other expats mix it up with the locals and their American counterparts on a regular basis. Of course, living a solitary lifestyle is also an option as there are many rural communities. With this continual influx of Americans into the country, it is a great opportunity to invest in Costa Rica Real Estate.
  • Affordable healthcare. Costa Rica has an excellent public health-care system that provides professional care. Resident Americans are permitted to enroll in the program. The fees for hospital services are dependent on a person’s income; however, they are considerable lower at about a fifth of the expense than that of the American health care system. Costa Rica is therefore a wise option for savvy Americans wanting to live out their lives on fixed incomes and therefore a prudent reason to invest in Costa Rica Real Estate.
  • Lush beauty. Costa Rica is not Manhattan or Los Angeles. It is more suited for people that enjoy the outdoors. Volcanoes, rainforests and clean beaches are a great reason to consider Costa Rica Real Estate as an investment. Getting away from life in the cities of America can lead to an overall wellbeing for those opting to make Costa Rica their permanent or home away from home.
  • Technology and infrastructure. Costa Rica has high-speed Internet. This is beneficial for those wanting to keep in contact with family back in the US or conducting an online business. In addition, since cars are expensive, the country provides bus services and taxis are everywhere to get you where you need to go. However, Americans who choose to live in Costa Rica as residents are legally allowed to buy cars, property, as well as open a business of their choosing.

Costa Rica Real Estate investments are prime and there are many options for retirees on a fixed income all the way up to those willing to spend more of their retirement money to enjoy luxurious living conditions. Whatever the case, Costa Rica Real Estate investments whether for personal or as income generating properties are wise as more Americans move to the country.