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3 Best Places Where to Stay in Costa Rica and How to Choose your Costa Rica Vacation Rental

Costa Rica is a dream getaway for many Americans. In fact, U.S. citizens by the droves are going to Costa Rica for their vacations. Furthermore, Guanacaste province is the premiere targeted area for American vacationers. But where to stay in Costa Rica and how do you choose your Costa Rica vacation rental?

  • Playas Del Coco. If you’re wondering where to stay in Costa Rica, there is a widely held belief that Playas del Coco is the ideal destination. The beach area is available to the public, is easy to reach, and is one of Costa Rica’s best known because it attracts myriad global as well as local tourists on an annual basis. The beach it for both kind of vacationer, the ones, that looking to quite place to relax, as well as for ones that are seeking to mix it up and socialize. And if you’re the type of person who likes to test your luck, Playas del Coco has a casino where you can roll the dice, play the slots, play blackjack and hopefully come up a winner. How do you choose your Costa Rica vacation rental in Playas Del Coco? This depends on a couple of factors. After a long day or night, you should decide whether you are looking for a peaceful place to recoup, or conversely are looking for a place to remain close to all the action. You should also use a reputable website and plug in the dates you are planning to vacation to check for availability. Finally, consider reserving early once you found the place you want to vacation at. Plan ahead!
  • Playas Hermosa. If you’re looking to relax and are considering where to stay in Costa Rica, you can’t go wrong in Playas Hermosa. There are many activities for families which makes it a great vacation destination if you’re bringing your children. ATV’s rides into the mountains, catamaran rides, and horseback riding are just a few of the many things to do. There are a host of tours and sport fishing excursions as well. In town, you might want to give the Sandbar Restaurant a try. They have fantastic bacon rolls and shrimp tacos and the food is reasonably priced. How do you choose your Costa Rica vacation rental here depends on whether you desire solitude or want to be a little closer to the center of town. If you are vacationing with your family here, you should also make a list of activities you would like to do together. You might also obtain a satellite view of the area to determine the terrain. Finally, consider the type of accommodation you will need, whether for a couple or for a family. And if you will decide to go and party at night, Playas del Coco is only 10 min drive.
  • Playas Ocotal. This is an excellent area if you’re a snorkeler or swimmer and are considering where to stay in Costa Rica. But there is more to Playas Ocotal than just the beach area. Active vacationers may like to spend a day at one of Costa Rica’s more popular sanctuaries, Palo Verde National Park. There you can avail of a boat ride down the Tempisque River. From crocodiles and monkeys, and many species of birds, amateur and professional photographers have plenty of opportunities to capture some great shots. In town, where it is peaceful, give the Picante Restaurant and Bar a try. Known for its variety of dishes, such as lobster, shrimp, and various fish filets the food is delicious. If you like spice in your life, give those jalapeño stuffed cream cheese peppers a try. How do you choose your Costa Rica vacation rental here is worth considering. If you’re just looking for a four night stay or more in one of the quietest areas of Guanacaste province, Ocotal is a fantastic choice. A couple of other things you should consider consist of
    Carefully reading the review of a listing to ensure you would be satisfied with its amenities; and
    2. How far you want to be from public transportation.
    3. Lastly, book early to ensure availability and especially if you are planning your Costa Rica vacation to be during the Holidays Season.

Knowing where to go and how to choose your vacation rental in each of these wonderful Costa Rica areas depends on your budget, what you are seeking in a vacation rental, and whether you are seeking solitude, exploring, hanging out on the warm beaches with their various activities, or are there for the nightlife experience. You can have it all in Costa Rica!